Friday, December 16, 2011

Wisdom SharePoint 2010 Integration Version 3


The is the first blog in a series around building Wisdom SharePoint integration version 3

Version 3 of the Wisdom SharePoint integration is scheduled for release February 2012 and at the time of writing this blog this is on schedule.

The development team have just completed the work that allows Wisdom to consume SharePoint documents via RBS. This is a fully support way for Wisdom to managed the documents that are in SharePoint Document Libraries.

Please note, RBS was not a feature in SP2007 and the version 2 of the integration was built on SharePoint 2007.

With the new model, documents have 3 states :

unregistered document
Documents that are in SharePoint but also are not in Wisdom, the electronic blob is managed by Wisdom’s RBS provider and stored in the Wisdom document database in much the same way as if it was stored in the SharePoint content database.

registered document
SharePoint document that has been registered in Wisdom, these documents are in SharePoint but belong to the Wisdom FilePlan. Only one copy exists. The document is now subjected to Wisdom ERDM and retention applies.

declared document
Same as an registered document but now declared as a record and it locked now no more edit are allowed.

A new quick register feature has been added. If the configuration has all the details to allow the document to be register without any user input the quick register will allow the user to register the document in Wisdom with a single click.


With this new architecture you can now use first class features of SharePoint which include; taking documents offline, concurrent editing and web based editing of documents.

Document libraries with versions enabled are now supported, and SharePoint versions are synchronised with Wisdom.


As with the version 2 integration metadata changes are also synchronised.

The Wisdom team feel that this is a big step forward to a truly transparent integration with new SharePoint 2010 features and Wisdom eDRM.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wisdom EDRM and context aware storage

The wisdom development team have just gone code complete with the a new feature that allows context aware document storage.

This means you can have your social care records stored on your SAN located in your secure onsite server room and have your non social care records stored in the cloud.
When the record is stored in Wisdom, Wisdom can decide what storage provider to use. This can in turn use a SQL RBS provider.
Having RBS as an option gives you more storage options.
Any RBS provider created for SharePoint will also work for wisdom.

The diagram below illustrates this.


A document store selector can use the following metadata to decide on what storage to use; Ref Path, Document Metadata, Document Type, Container Metadata and Container Type.

With more complex configuration you could move less used documents / records to low cost cloud storage that charges when you access the document.